2010 is considered to be a milestone in “GIPROBIOSINTEZ” development as a design institute and a developer of know-how technologies. It was then that the rights to the technology and the project design documentation of Svetloyarsk PVC (protein-vitamin concentrate) plant were acquired.

In 2016, in order to provide scientific and technical support for the project “GIPROBIOSINTEZ” LLC and the All- Russian Scientific Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (VILAR) (as part of public-private partnership) established a Small Innovative Enterprise “Biotechnology Center” possessing the necessary experimental technological and laboratory complex including microbiological, analytical, nanotechnological and fermentation laboratories.

Nowadays, “GIPROBIOSINTEZ” is an engineering company, its main goal is the design and construction of turnkey biochemical plants, allowing for complete EPCM cycle work performance.

Having combined the vast experience of Soviet biochemical enterprises with state-of-the-art innovative technologies, in 2017, for the first time in Russia, GIPROBIOSINTEZ team received an experimental batch of microbial biomass from non-edible raw material (methane), using a producer strain of its own selection - Methylococcus capsulatus GBS-15 ™ .

We consider this particular event to be the starting point for the domestic microbiological industry re- creation.