Nyunkov Pavel Andreyevich

General Director

He graduated Moscow Aviation Institute (gas-turbine power units), has Engineering Degree and Degree in
He gained extensive experience in launching start-up projects in different regions of Russia, including
infrastructure projects involving development institutions.
He was awarded the class rank “Counsellor, 3d class, RF civil service”.
Since 2017 a Member of the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “BYKOVOGAZ” LLC.

Ryzhov Grigory Viktorovich

The Head of a separate business unit " GIPROBIOSINTEZ -VOLGOGRAD"

He graduated Volgograd State Technical University (VolgGTU), has Engineering Degree and Degree in
He worked his way from a Design Engineer to the Project Chief Engineer, the Head of a separate business unit.
He participated in design, construction and commissioning of complex gas treatment plants, experienced in
implementing oil and gas fields infrastructure development projects, design of main and infield oil and gas

Scientific Consultants

Bykov Valery Alekseyevich

A Soviet statesman, a Soviet and Russian scientist both in plant biotechnology, biomedical technology and
creation of phytopreparations. A Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2013), Russian Academy of
Medical Sciences (1997) and Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2005), a Doctor of Engineering Sciences
(1989), a Professor (1991).
The Minister of Medical Industry of the USSR (1985-1991).
Since 1991, the General Director of NPO "VILAR" (Russian National Research Institute of Medicinal and
Aromatic Plants) and the Director of the Scientific Research Center of Biological Structures.
Simultaneously, since 1995 has been the Chair of Bioengineering Academic Department of the Peoples’
Friendship University of Russia.
The main focus area of scientific work is theoretical underpinning and development of biomedical technology
fundamentals. He is actively working in the field of metabolomics, nanobio- medical technologies, tissue
reproduction and biological production, preservation of biostructures, as well as biotest systems creation.
Chief editor of Research and Practice Journal "Questions of biological, medical and pharmaceutical

Gradova Nina Borisovna

A Soviet and Russian scientist, a doctor of biological sciences, a professor.
A laureate of the USSR State Prize (1971), awarded the honorary Russian Federation government distinction of
"Distinguished Chemist of the Russian Federation", decorated with the Order of "Badge of Honor".
The main line of scientific work is industrial microbiology and biotechnology, microbiological production of
feed supplements and food quality protein substances, microbial selection; upstream development of
microorganisms on various substrates (hydrocarbons, organic acids, carbohydrates, agricultural and industrial
One of Paprin developers (it is a protein-vitamin concentrate produced from fodder yeast and grown on
paraffin media – oil-refining waste.