Gibrobiosintez and SalmoSim have entered into a digital partnership

Giprobiosintez, which has developed a method for producing protein through a fermentation process with methane as feedstock, and a U.K. based SalmoSim, which specialises in applied research and development systems of salmon aquaculture, have entered into a digital partnership. The new partnership is a pure win-win. SalmoSim gets the opportunity to enrich its model with a real single-cell protein data. Giprobiosintez gets a chance to learn in detail how DreamFeed works in gastro-interal trach of the Atlantic Salmon.

SalmoSim is simulator of the Atlantic Salmon gastro-intestinal tract, developed and commercialised by the University of Glasgow. SalmoSim can be used to screen feed ingredients for digestibility, impact on the microbiome and more.

GIPROBIOSINTEZ is an industrial biotech company headquarted in Moscow, Russia. The enterprise is developing the state-of-the-art industrial technology for the production of microbial protein based on natural gas.

DREAMFEED is a high quality and sustainable protein for fish and animal feed made through a fermentation process with methane as feedstock.