GiproBioSintez attended in forums "ProteinTek" and "ProProtein"

GiproBioSintez attended in forums "ProteinTek" and "ProProtein". Forum was dedicated to the development trends and technologies in the production and use of plant's & microbial proteins for human consumption and animal feed.
Over 150 companies visited the forum:
·        Мanufacturers, importers and processors of soybeans, sunflower meal, peas, rapeseed and other vegetable proteins.
·        Manufacturers dry stillage & spent grains.
·        Producers of feed protein from methane and other non-traditional sources.
·        Producers of feed yeast.
·        Manufacturers of protein for functional food.
·        Manufacturers of compound feeds.
·        Food producers.

 GIPROBIOSINTEZ is an industrial biotech company headquarted in Moscow, Russia. The enterprise is developing the state-of-the-art industrial technology for the production of microbial protein based on natural gas.