Technological and hardware design of fermentation unit of the process of bioprotein production from natural gas

The "Fine Chemical Technologies" journal published an article on "Technological and hardware design of fermentation unit of the process of bioprotein production from natural gas".

An analysis of publications devoted to the problem of developing technological equipment for conducting the process of obtaining a bioprotein from natural gas is presented. Using the comparative analysis, the key features of bioreactors and their internal elements are indicated according to the method of organizing the hydrodynamic regime. The main approaches to the technological development of fermentation units for obtaining bioprotein from natural gas are described and technical solutions used in the implementation of these structures are identified.

The authors of the article are employees of GIPROBIOSYNTEZ LLC: V.M. Kochetkov, I.S. Gaganov, V.V. Kochetkov, P.A. Nyunkov

Article (PDF)
Link https://www.finechem-mirea.ru/jour/article/view/1972

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GIPROBIOSINTEZ is an industrial biotech company headquarted in Moscow, Russia. The enterprise is developing the state-of-the-art industrial technology for the production of microbial protein based on natural gas.

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