GIPROBIOSINTEZ opened the doors of the brand-new scientific laboratory center with exper-imental-industrial production facility.

GIPROBIOSINTEZ is pleased to announce a new scientific center opening. Fully equipped la-boratory complex with 1,900 square feet area is located in Moscow. The center consists of the following laboratories:
·    Microbiological – which is in charge of the maintenance and purity of the strains;
·    Analytical - here the necessary analyses of product samples are collected, as well as the analysis of the final product for microelements, chemical composition and energy value;
·    Nanotechnological - new types of products are developed and tested here;
·    Experimental and technological – this facility is responsible for the technical maintenance of the equipment.

«Launching multi-tonnage production is certainly our main prospect for the nearest future. De-velopment of technological chains for such productions will be the key challenge for the new la-boratory center». - said Pavel Nyunkov, CEO of GIPROBIOSINTEZ.

GIPROBIOSINTEZ LLC is an industrial biotech company headquarted in Moscow, Russia. The enterprise is developing the state-of-the-art industrial technology for the production of microbial protein based on natural gas.