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The constant growth of world population is inextricably linked with the need to resolve the problem of ensuring reliable global food supply security. Consumption of basic foodstuffs, such as meat, poultry, fish is growing. Accordingly, an ever-greater capacity of quality food economy is required. Experts estimate current global consumption of feed protein to be equal to 300 million tons, and by 2023 this figure will have increased up to 360 million tons.

The production of vegetable and animal feed any longer fails to satisfy not only global demand, but also the requirements for nutrients content. The consumer needs a top-quality, well-balanced product with a set of vitamins and high protein content. The global shortage of top-quality high-protein feeds is estimated to be 30- 35 million tons per year, and the Russian comes up to 2.5 million tons.

Company GIPROBIOSINTEZ plans to launch high-quality products under DreamFeed ™ and DreamFood ™ trademarks in the near future in consequence of successful testing of production technology for organic synthesis products from non-edible raw materials - methane, based on the GBS-15 ™ strain. The properties of the products obtained for almost all parameters significantly exceed the traditional protein feed, inclusive of: protein content, digestibility, amino acid and vitamin composition. At the same time, the production allows to provide constant quality characteristics of the product, that significantly simplifies the work of animal feed manufacturers.

The data obtained during the derived product testing show that one ton of DreamFeed ™ will allow to balance 20 tons of combined feed in terms of protein content; and in addition to get 1-1.5 tons of poultry meat or 0.5- 0.8 tons of pork or 10-15 thousand eggs; save 5-7 tons of forage grain; exclude from the diet of calves and piglets about 6 tons of whole milk.

Tests of DreamFeed ™ product and analogues for fingerling of “northern fish” showed that the final mass of larval cisco and muksun at DreamFeed ™ nutriment was 304 and 245 mg, respectively, and 194 and 152 mg for imported nutriment.