In recent years, the global industrial community has been paying special attention to the issue of generating microbial protein based on natural gas. The most successful and effective works in the Russian Federation on the adoption of industrial technology for the microbial protein production based on natural gas were carried out by GIPROBIOSINTEZ.

A strain of methane-oxidizing bacteria Methylococcus capsulatus GBS-15 ™, that feature-wise surpasses all known world analogues, was obtained from the enrichment culture of obligate methane-oxidizing microorganisms with subsequent step-by-step autoselection in continuous upstream development process.

Resulting from of the conducted selection, a strain was obtained which, when cultivated under industrial conditions on natural gas, could be used both as a part of an association and individually.

The strain has been deposited in the in Russian National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms and it has a high technological potential, in particular:

Production chain of organic synthesis bio based products from non-edible raw materials