At the premises of Small Innovative Enterprise “Biotechnology Center”, the work was carried out to refine and to bring the Design Basis Specification for biomass production unit based on natural gas and products of its advanced processing.

For management control and process analysis of continuous methane-oxidizing microorganisms cultivation, a regular analysis of medium composition and microbial control of production at all stages was maintained, including: checking the stock culture dominance, the content of accompanying microorganisms (with the help of microscopy and specific tests, as well as monitoring the chemical composition and contamination microflora.

RNA, DNA and denuclearized biomass manufacturing process has been developed. They can be used as raw materials for food industry, medicine and cosmetology.

A special design of a fermenter for intensive process management under elevated pressure with gaseous substrate applied has been developed.

The system of nutrient salt preparation has been improved considering almost complete elimination of manual labor. Only manual filling of salts is still in place, all further actions are performed with the help of automation and appropriate pumps.

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